5.85% 104,90 27.584.947€ LU1388853720

ARMONY AGECA SICAV is an investment vehicle for tax optimization that applies a philosophy of portfolio management. Its key features are:

  • Based in Luxembourg, where the financial legal framework is stable and strict. Luxembourg is the first European center for investment funds and the second in the world, after the United States of America.
  • Supervised and regulated by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) of Luxembourg.
  • Aimed at investors who wish to invest in a global equity and fixed income portfolio with a medium risk profile.
  • Favorable taxation in Luxembourg.
  • No subscription or redemption fees
Legal form: SICAV UCITS (LUX)
ISIN: LU1388853720
Bloomberg code: ARMAGEA:LX
Investment platforms: Fundsettle
Management style: Investment in traditional assets (up to 50% in equity)
Investment horizon: 4 years
Risk scale:
Minimum investment: 1 share
Liquidity: Weekly
Manager: Kredietrust Luxemburg S.A.
Administrator: European Fund Administration S.A.
Custodian: KBL European Private Bankers S.A.
Advisor: Fimarge SFI S.A.
Auditor: KPMG Luxembourg Societé Cooperative
Reference currency: Euro
Dividends: No
Benchmark: 25% STOXX 600 + 25% S&P 500 + 25% RF EUR + 25% RF USA (€)
Date of first NAV: March 30, 2016
NAV frequency: Weekly, every Monday if business day in Luxembourg
Capital guarantee: No
Management fee: 0,99%
Performance fee: 0%
Risk management fee: 0%
Subscription fee: 0%
Redemption fee: 0%

  • Multi-market, multi-sectorial and multi-currency management.
  • Small and controllable number of assets.
  • Weekly liquidity.
  • Maximum exposure to equities of 50%.
  • Currency exposure management.
  • Fixed income used as a protection.
  • Possibility of total or partial divestment of assets.
  • Without leverage.
  • Risk level of 4 in a 1-to-7 scale.
  • Competitive management fees (0.99%, no success fee).


Date NAV (€)
25-06-2019 104.899
24-06-2019 104.899
23-06-2019 104.062
22-06-2019 104.062
21-06-2019 104.062
20-06-2019 104.062
19-06-2019 104.062
18-06-2019 104.062
17-06-2019 104.062
16-06-2019 104.335